Frozen 3’s Story Will Be ‘Amazing’ Promises Disney Producer (Exclusive)

Frozen 3's Story Will Be 'Amazing' Promises Disney Producer (Exclusive)

Frozen 3’s Story Will Be ‘Amazing’ Promises Disney Producer (Exclusive)

A Disney Animation executive just offered an update on Frozen 3. Frozen 3’s Story Will Be ‘Amazing’ Promises Disney Producer (Exclusive)

Frozen 2 remains the most successful Disney Animation film to date, having earned a whopping $1.45 billion at the global box office. So, it’s surprising it took until February 2023 for a third movie to be officially announced.

It wasn’t as long before the next movie in the franchise was announced though, with Disney’s CEO Bob Iger recently announcing that a Frozen 4 is also in the works.

Frozen director Jennifer Lee further teased, in an interview with Disney, that the next two movies may be even more intertwined than before, indicating that the story “may not fit into just one film.”

An Update on Frozen 3

During an exclusive interview with The Direct, Peter Del Vecho – who produced the first two Frozen movies as well as Disney’s latest animated feature, Wish – offered up his thoughts on the upcoming Frozen 3 movie.

Del Vecho shared that the studio “only do sequels if [they] believe there’s enough story to tell,” and that “[he] trusts that it’s going to be amazing:”

“Look, we only do sequels if we believe there’s enough story to tell. They’re working on it up in development, I’m focused on ‘Wish’. But it is exciting what they’re working on. I will say anything that you read about it in the public, we haven’t said anything about it. So it’s all conjecture, but I trust that it’s going to be amazing.”

Frozen 3's Story Will Be 'Amazing' Promises Disney Producer (Exclusive)
Frozen 3’s Story Will Be ‘Amazing’ Promises Disney Producer (Exclusive)

What Will Frozen 3 Have in Store For Fans?

Sadly, based on the briefness of this new comment, Frozen 3 probably is not going to be finished anytime soon.

When it does arrive, hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait. But what exactly could the threequel bring to the table?

Many fans voiced their desire to see the franchise’s lore of the elemental spirits explored more deeply. With Elsa being the fifth spirit and going off into the Enchanted Forest.  Exploring that corner of the world more would make a lot of sense.

Perhaps this third movie could take some of the spotlight off Elsa and give a little more to her sister, Anna. After all, she is running an entire Kingdom now—that’s a lot of responsibility and quite an exciting life.

Regardless of the direction, there should be plenty of room to explore all avenues of Arendelle as confirmed by Jennifer Lee.

Speaking to GamesRadar about Frozen 3 and 4 being a two-part tale, Lee revealed that the team has “a lot of story to tell with that direction that the movie’s headed” and that they are “really excited about where they’re going.”

Perhaps the Frozen franchise will get an Avengers: Infinity War-style cliffhanger to keep moviegoers on their toes.

In the meantime, Disney Animation’s latest film, Wish, is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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